Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will my donation be picked up?

You will be contacted by a transport company in your area within a few hours of making your donation. They will make arrangements directly with you to have your vehicle picked up within one day or whatever time best works for you.

Can I donate my car if it is not running?

Yes. We can accept most car donations regardless of the condition. If there might be any reason we cannot accept you donation we will let you know right away.

What if my car did not pass the smog test?

Even if your vehicle did not pass an emission test we are still able to accept it as a donation and take it off of your hands.

Can I make a vehicle donation if the title has been lost?

Most of the time the donation can still be made. The registered owner may need to sign some additional paperwork.

Do I need to be with the vehicle at the time of the pickup?

No. You can make arrangements with the transport company to have them pick up the vehicle without you being there. After you have taken your personal belongings out you can leave the keys and registration at an agreed upon designated place in the car.

Can you pick up my car from another location?

No problem. Even if you vehicle is at the shop or another location we will still be able to pick it up.

What kind of vehicles can I donate?

We accept all cars, trucks, vans, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, and more. If it has wheels you can donate it.

Can you accept a boat donation?

In many cases we are able to accept boat donations. Due to the nature of the boats the process is different from vehicle donations, but you may able to resolve that boat problem by donating thru us.

How much will I receive as a tax donation?

The IRS allows donors who file itemized tax returns to:

  1. Claim the market value up to $500 in the event it sells for less than that.
  2. If your vehicle sells for over $500 you are allowed to claim the gross sale price.

Once the vehicle sells we will contact you letting you know what the vehicle sold for and send you a final receipt. Regardless of what it sells for at auction are you are still allowed to claim the market value up to $500.

What states do you service?

We can pick up donated vehicles in all 50 states.